Jon Udell: 2002-2006 blog archive

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2006/12/15 To be continued
2006/12/13 Data formats for digital democracy: XML vs CSV
2006/12/12 AJAX and automation
2006/12/11 Moderated 2nd-level domains
2006/12/09 Bombshell aftermath
2006/12/08 A conversation with Jon Udell about his new job with Microsoft
2006/12/07 General-purpose intermediation
2006/12/06 "We found the version control, collaboration and invite system outweighed the limited feature set"
2006/12/04 Hunting the elusive search strategy
2006/12/01 A conversation with John Wilkin about the Michigan/Google digitization project
2006/11/30 The Screening Room #11: PowerSchool
2006/11/29 Why can't Johnny download? Because he's stuck in a semantic muddle.
2006/11/28 Justifying the feel-good labels
2006/11/21 Screen-sharing's long tail
2006/11/20 Why can't Johnny download?
2006/11/17 A conversation with Rajiv Gupta about fine-grained access control
2006/11/15 Tantalizing hints of the Knowledge Navigator
2006/11/14 Denise Getts wires the web
2006/11/12 Beyond the election news cycle
2006/11/10 A conversation with Jim Russell about the Pittsburgh diaspora
2006/11/03 The SALT talks
2006/11/02 All roads lead to VNC
2006/11/01 Mobile speech recognition
2006/10/31 The Screening Room #10: Dabble DB
2006/10/30 Scaling the Tufte effect
2006/10/27 A conversation with John Schneider about Efficient XML
2006/10/26 What's the video threshold for face-reading?
2006/10/24 The conversational dynamics of the blogosphere
2006/10/23 Intense, simple, active demonstrations
2006/10/20 A conversation with Cricket Liu about the Domain Name System
2006/10/18 Drowning in a rising tide
2006/10/17 DRM by asking nicely
2006/10/16 In search of non-gratuitous 3D
2006/10/13 A conversation with Mark Ericson about communications-enabled business processes
2006/10/12 Levelator!
2006/10/11 Talk to the avatar
2006/10/10 WordPress for loosely-coupled comments, part 2
2006/10/09 Compound documents for the web
2006/10/06 A conversation with Ellen Ullman about living close to the machine
2006/10/04 At the Paris SOA Forum
2006/10/03 ID card anthropology
2006/10/02 Second Life, MTurk, and on-demand education
2006/10/01 The Screening Room #9: Windows Live Writer
2006/09/29 A conversation with Tim Fahlberg about mathcasts, clickers, and the future of education
2006/09/28 A conversation with Jeff Bezos about Amazon web services
2006/09/27 Kim Cameron on why business protocols aren't user-centric yet
2006/09/26 Show me my account activity!
2006/09/25 WordPress as a loosely-coupled comment engine
2006/09/23 How translucency could defuse the Turnitin/McLean High controversy
2006/09/22 A conversation with Cyril Houri about annotating the planet using a GPS/WiFi/cellular hybrid
2006/09/20 Turk work
2006/09/19 Screencasting of tacit knowledge
2006/09/18 Ongoing discussion of translucency and selective disclosure
2006/09/15 Half-baked ideas
2006/09/12 Google Earth live and in realtime
2006/09/11 The politics of data control
2006/09/08 A conversation with Phil Windley about identity in the real and virtual worlds
2006/09/06 Why argue about dynamic versus static languages when you can use both?
2006/09/05 The on-demand blogosphere revisited
2006/09/01 Labor/Labour Day
2006/08/31 3Tera clarification
2006/08/30 The Screening Room #8: IronPython
2006/08/25 A conversation with Roy Fielding about HTTP, REST, WebDAV, JSR 170, and Waka
2006/08/24 Amazon EC2: Wow!
2006/08/23 Participatory debugging
2006/08/21 The cross-disciplinary blogosphere
2006/08/18 A conversation with Peter Suber about open access
2006/08/17 Search strategies
2006/08/16 Column catchup: XAML and XBRL
2006/08/15 Podcast transcription, revisited
2006/08/14 Animated map flyovers for handheld video, using Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo
2006/08/11 A conversation with Charlie Hoffman and Brian DeLacey about XBRL
2006/08/10 Audio editing on the move
2006/08/10 A parable about data provenance
2006/08/08 High-priority media apps
2006/08/07 Making sense of our networked lives
2006/08/06 Journeys over, and into, the earth
2006/08/04 A conversation with Ross Mayfield about wikis in the enterprise
2006/08/03 Column catchup: Open infrastructure and memetic marketing
2006/08/01 Will, common sense, elbow grease
2006/07/31 The Screening Room #7: mTuitive, Mentat, and the Tao of expert systems
2006/07/28 A conversation with Paul Patrick about BEA's AquaLogic suite
2006/07/24 Errorless modeling
2006/07/21 A conversation with Bob Glushko about document engineering and business patterns
2006/07/20 A new breed of highly-available serverless applications
2006/07/19 News about Google News
2006/07/18 Breaking habits
2006/07/17 Contribution, ownership, and natural versus artificial community
2006/07/14 A conversation with Mike Hudack about and the future of web video
2006/07/13 Vertical PowerBook as ebook reader
2006/07/13 A distraction-free desktop
2006/07/10 Clean air gardening and the future of shared experience
2006/07/07 Hosting AJAX on S3 with Openfount
2006/07/06 Relationships are us
2006/07/05 Amazon S3, YouTube, BlipTV, and the end of walled gardens
2006/06/30 A conversation with Lou Rosenfeld about search analytics, information architecture, and designing for usability
2006/06/29 The Screening Room #6: XML for Analysis
2006/06/28 DCStat: Data for digital democracy
2006/06/27 Summer listening
2006/06/26 Say what?
2006/06/23 A conversation with Dan Thomas and Suzanne Peck about open government
2006/06/22 A publishing parable
2006/06/21 Smart power, chain stores, and social consciousness
2006/06/20 A takedown request from This American Life
2006/06/19 User-generated content vs. reader-created context
2006/06/16 A conversation with Mike Frost about intelligent energy management
2006/06/15 Foundation and empire
2006/06/13 Google Calendar and its API
2006/06/12 Open source and open access
2006/06/09 A conversation with CJ Rayhill about Safari U and technology in education
2006/06/08 My new fun friends
2006/06/07 On business/education partnership
2006/06/06 Screening Room feed with enclosures: How?
2006/06/05 The network is the network: public radio on the web
2006/06/03 Earth to Google PR
2006/06/02 A conversation with Peter Rodgers about the 1060 NetKernel
2006/06/01 Onions and orchids
2006/05/31 The Screening Room #5: LINQ
2006/05/27 Re-imagining education
2006/05/26 A conversation with Frank Martinez about governance and tolerance
2006/05/25 Search referral hacks, then and now
2006/05/24 Loosely-coupled comments
2006/05/23 Web-based presentation software, continued
2006/05/22 The politics of presentation software
2006/05/19 A conversation with Andy Singleton about building global teams
2006/05/18 An invitation to practitioners
2006/05/15 A heretical approach to search engine optimization
2006/05/12 A conversation with Anders Hejlsberg about the May 06 preview of LINQ
2006/05/11 Rolling our own OPML mashups
2006/05/10 My contribution to public radio
2006/05/09 Unified data theory
2006/05/08 Podcast transcription
2006/05/05 A conversation with Nathan McFarland and Benjamin Hill about harnessing collective intelligence
2006/05/04 Take my identity, please
2006/05/03 How not to inspire customer confidence
2006/05/02 Warning: no 1 key detected, using l instead
2006/05/01 Screening Room #4: The Sun grid compute utility
2006/04/27 A conversation with Kingsley Idehen about open source Virtuoso
2006/04/26 Berkeley versus Stanford in iTunes U.
2006/04/25 Display surfaces and control surfaces
2006/04/24 Mashing up the InfoWorld explorer
2006/04/22 CSV to IIF
2006/04/21 A conversation with Chris Gemignani about data analysis and visualization
2006/04/20 Media strategies and challenges
2006/04/19 LibraryLookup for NHPR listeners
2006/04/18 InfoWorld power search and tag explorer
2006/04/17 Commons-based peer production and the medical information monopoly
2006/04/14 A conversation with Steve Burbeck about multicellular computing
2006/04/13 A lonely job
2006/04/10 How enterprise search could suck less
2006/04/09 Speaking, writing, and editing
2006/04/07 A conversation with Gary McGraw about security
2006/04/06 The Folio forty
2006/04/05 The everyday miracle of search
2006/04/03 Exploring Live Clipboard
2006/03/31 The Screening Room, episode 3: Atlas
2006/03/30 The once and future Internet
2006/03/28 Is 9 the new 43?
2006/03/27 Mapping the Chapman Road cleanup
2006/03/24 See it, try it
2006/03/23.html Sausage, traffic, clueless users
2006/03/22 Towards politically neutral infrastructure: Amazon's S3
2006/03/21 Shaping the boundaries of self-projection
2006/03/20 Bookmarklets 101
2006/03/18 Sparkline refinements
2006/03/16 Making simple things simple
2006/03/15 SOA forum, March 06 edition
2006/03/14 Reading history
2006/03/13 An argument against standards
2006/03/10 Mashing up the enterprise, wiring the web
2006/03/09 Controlling our data
2006/03/06 The IE7 team's radar screen
2006/03/03 Screencasting advice
2006/03/02 Listening on the run
2006/03/01 Need to know
2006/02/28 The Screening Room, episode 2: Flex 2.0
2006/02/27 Multi-language runtimes
2006/02/26 LibriVox
2006/02/24 RSS politics
2006/02/22 The iTunes U agenda
2006/02/21 Information architectures: print versus online
2006/02/20 The next wave of peer-to-peer
2006/02/19 My name is Jon
2006/02/17 State of the professional blogosphere
2006/02/15 InfoWorld metadata explorer reloaded
2006/02/14 MSIE and Mozilla, circa 2006
2006/02/13 InfoWorld power search reloaded
2006/02/09 Search engine, find engine
2006/02/08 Gmail correction and prognosis
2006/02/07 Gathering and exchanging email threads
2006/02/06 It's our data
2006/02/03 The wrath of the Mac zealots
2006/02/02 Semantic screenscraping
2006/01/31 The Screening Room, episode 1
2006/01/30 Further adventures in lightweight service composition
2006/01/26 Adventures in lightweight service composition
2006/01/25 Column catchup: Family-friendly calendaring and Doug Engelbart's real agenda
2006/01/23 The InfoWorld metadata explorer
2006/01/19 Open-ended query and tag spam
2006/01/18 Advanced tag search in Flickr
2006/01/17 Email sender authentication from the user's perspective
2006/01/15 Stanford, meet the lightnet. Apple, get a clue.
2006/01/13 Gmail lockdown in sector 4
2006/01/12 The calendar paradox
2006/01/11 Moving forward with microformats
2006/01/10 Mozilla Calendar revisited
2006/01/09 Scarcity versus abundance of talent
2006/01/05 Common DNA for user innovation
2006/01/04 Wikipedia's next five years
2006/01/03 Visual explanations
2005/12/30 The video professor
2005/12/29 The blog as resume and autobiography
2005/12/23 More tag cloud visualization
2005/12/20 Scannable conversation summaries
2005/12/20 The year in tags
2005/12/19 Predictions for 2006
2005/12/16 Technologies of control, technologies of use
2005/12/14 A breath of fresh air
2005/12/13 Test-driven SOA
2005/12/09 Rethinking customer service
2005/12/08 Eric Newcomer on the RPC/doc-literal cultural divide
2005/12/07 Dear Abby
2005/12/06 Greasemonkeying Google Video
2005/12/02 If I had time for a second life...
2005/12/01 Database truth and wire truth
2005/11/30 Practical natural language processing, circa 2005
2005/11/29 Web 3.0: Peer-to-peer air travel and electric power
2005/11/22 Dueling simplicities
2005/11/21 My 15 minutes of local fame
2005/11/18 Screencasting's one-year anniversary
2005/11/17 Just say no
2005/11/15 November lifehacks
2005/11/14 The truth is on the wire
2005/11/10 Good enough for government work
2005/11/08 SOA heroes
2005/11/07 Spelling out SOA
2005/11/04 Open source analysis
2005/11/03 Redefining hackability
2005/11/01 Semi-private bookmarking in
2005/10/31 Was the Berkman Center's ODF day a love-in?
2005/10/27 The many meanings of metadata
2005/10/26 Culture wars, Darwin Awards, and optimal attention
2005/10/25 SOA Executive Forum Day Two: Topics
2005/10/24 Counting pumpkins
2005/10/21 What is the difference between TV, radio, and newspapers?
2005/10/20 SOA Executive Forum Day One: Proposed Topics
2005/10/19 Attention economics
2005/10/18 Blog spam: This too shall pass
2005/10/17 Bloggers and journalists working together
2005/10/13 User innovation toolkits and continuous improvement
2005/10/12 The changing cathedral and the evolving bazaar
2005/10/11 Real-world repositories
2005/10/10 Documenting the flood
2005/10/07 What is the future of open blog infrastructure?
2005/10/06 Betty Dylan, Railroad Tavern, 8PM
2005/10/05 Envisioning identity
2005/10/04 Monkey see, monkey do
2005/10/03 Superplatform politics
2005/09/30 Reinvention versus reinterpretation
2005/09/29 AJAX futures
2005/09/28 LINQ 101
2005/09/27 Once and future lock-in
2005/09/26 A channel changer for the Bloglines river of news
2005/09/21 WS-Heavy, WS-Lite, WS-JustRight
2005/09/21 Accelerating Change 2005
2005/09/19 A conversation with Anders Hejlsberg and Paul Vick about LINQ
2005/09/16 Foundations for a connected Office
2005/09/15 Bill Gates interview: the transcript
2005/09/14 An interview with Amar Gandhi about Vista's new RSS platform
2005/09/13 An interview with Bill Gates at PDC 2005
2005/09/12 Departure checklist
2005/09/09 An XML spreadsheet parable
2005/09/08 The social imperative
2005/09/07 Audio synaesthesia
2005/09/06 Lessons from the cookie laboratory
2005/09/02 Where are the DARPA-funded ad-hoc wireless networks?
2005/08/31 The riddle of asynchrony
2005/08/30 Vacation reflections
2005/08/16 Ceremonial identity tokens
2005/08/15 Tiger Woods data revisualized in Excel
2005/08/11 I want my MP3
2005/08/10 Architecture of participation, architecture of control
2005/08/09 Audio hiss revisited
2005/08/08 A conversation with Tim Howes about Opsware's Global Shell
2005/08/05 On the virtues of virtual UI
2005/08/04 Blog biology
2005/08/04 A public service announcement
2005/08/03 A conversation with Jonathan Robie about XQuery
2005/08/02 Pre-blogging the PDC
2005/08/01 Respecting Lotus Notes
2005/07/28 No magic bullet for security
2005/07/27 Instant outlining revisited
2005/07/26 Ceremony
2005/07/25 Deep linking in AJAX applications
2005/07/22 Federated tagsonomy
2005/07/21 Tags, social networks, and email
2005/07/20 Audio linkblogging
2005/07/19 A conversation with CoreStreet's Phil Libin
2005/07/18 Mastering XML namespaces
2005/07/15 Atom's debut
2005/07/14 Social tagging in the enterprise
2005/07/13 Eliminating audio hiss
2005/07/12 LAMP and WAMP
2005/07/07 Innovative rich editors and local datastores
2005/07/06 Life in a TEXTAREA
2005/07/05 Recipes for remixers
2005/07/01 More collaborative filtering
2005/06/29 Improving the audio circulatory system
2005/06/28 Listening to Peter Yared
2005/06/27 How do you design a remixable Web application?
2005/06/24 Visualizing change
2005/06/23 Collaborative filtering with
2005/06/22 Tacit knowledge and cortical algorithms
2005/06/21 A conversation with Jeff Nielsen about agile software development
2005/06/20 Reducing the attack surface area of credit card data
2005/06/17 Screencasting strategies
2005/06/15 Personal operating systems
2005/06/14 Lever and fulcrum
2005/06/13 Wikipedia and the social construction of knowledge
2005/06/10 Mining for memes
2005/06/10 Password generator revisited
2005/06/08 Cracking WEP in 10 minutes
2005/06/07 When services go wrong
2005/06/06 Grand challenges, revisited
2005/06/03 A progress report on InfoWorld's experiment
2005/06/01 Web-friendly rich Internet apps, continued
2005/05/31 The ultra-thin InfoCard
2005/05/27 Libraries, directories, short lists, and glue
2005/05/27 In search of a shared-infrastructure SOA
2005/05/25 AJAX encapsulation with TIBCO General Interface
2005/05/24 It's not about Old Media versus Pajamahideen
2005/05/23 Tools for dynamic languages
2005/05/19 Fabric flavors
2005/05/17 WiFi along the Amtrak corridor
2005/05/16 Upcoming events: SOA Forum East and Syndicate
2005/05/13 Envisioning information
2005/05/11 Screencasts around the Net
2005/05/10 Greasemonkeying around
2005/05/09 Service as a science
2005/05/04 Footpaths and schemas
2005/05/03 Simple single sign-on
2005/05/03 Are smart networks always a dumb idea?
2005/04/29 What Timedance got right
2005/04/28 Those clueless users
2005/04/27 The new freshman comp
2005/04/26 A conversation with Michael Rys about SQL Server "Yukon"
2005/04/25 The wrong end of the telescope?
2005/04/21 Making it easy to do the right thing
2005/04/20 Enhancing search results with metadata
2005/04/19 Open Akamaization with Coral
2005/04/18 InfoWorld SOA Executive Forum: Building apps on the SOA platform
2005/04/15 InfoWorld SOA Executive Forum: Defining the SOA Platform
2005/04/14 Software as a service: have it your way
2005/04/13 The grassroots grid?
2005/04/11 Bob Glushko and Roy Fielding on enterprise information integration
2005/04/11 Meme tracking with Greasemonkey
2005/04/08 Gilbane Conference on Monday: XML strategies for information interchange
2005/04/07 More media-shifting
2005/04/06 From time-shifting to media-shifting
2005/04/05 Languages and environments
2005/04/04 Sufficiently simple technology
2005/04/03 Content, services, and the yin-yang of intermediation
2005/03/30,, and the architecture of intermediation
2005/03/29 From open source to open services to open information
2005/03/28 How open is OpenSearch?
2005/03/25 Fast-forward e-learning
2005/03/24 PubSub's structured blogging initiative
2005/03/23 Hat tip to Jon Stewart
2005/03/22 Primetime hypermedia: Why now?
2005/03/21 Upcoming events in Keene, NH
2005/03/18 Don't throw out the SOAP with the bathwater
2005/03/16 InfoWorld power search in A9
2005/03/15 InfoWorld power search
2005/03/09 Collaborative Feedburner stats project
2005/03/08 Annotating the planet
2005/03/07 The on-demand blogosphere
2005/03/04 Who is talking about what?
2005/03/03 IDG's Patricia Smith interviews me about podcasting and screencasting
2005/03/02 The loneliness of the long tail: subscription growth in techblogs, February 2005
2005/03/01 Real-world structured search
2005/02/28 Walking tour of Keene: followup
2005/02/25 A Google Maps walking tour of Keene, NH
2005/02/23 Google Maps pushes the envelope
2005/02/22 Technology myths and human realities
2005/02/21 All about screencasting
2005/02/19 Querying the blogosphere
2005/02/18 XQuery adventures
2005/02/17 Lights, camera, action!
2005/02/16 Blog search with XQuery
2005/02/15 Jason Hunter demonstrates XQuery using the Mark Logic server
2005/02/14 Blink, avatars, and the weird world of transformed social interaction
2005/02/11 Google Maps XML output disabled
2005/02/10 The zen of software automation
2005/02/10 Heavy metal umlaut: the making of the movie
2005/02/09 Google Maps is a web of linked XML documents
2005/02/08 Arthur van Hoff discusses the TiVo SDK
2005/02/07 The blogging of health care reform
2005/02/04 Office conference wrapup
2005/02/04 Listening to the chatter
2005/02/03 Schemas for smart documents
2005/02/03 In search of Office XML apps
2005/02/02 Subscription growth in tech blogs: January wrapup
2005/02/01 ACLU Pizza memeflow
2005/01/31 Shifting time and folding space
2005/01/29 Friday ^H^H^H^H^H^H Saturday notes
2005/01/27 Nic Harcourt and Elvis Costello contemplate the last flick of the dinosaur's tail
2005/01/26 Subscription growth in tech blogs
2005/01/25 Where was desktop search when we needed it?
2005/01/22 Heavy metal umlaut: the movie
2005/01/20 Deep structure redux
2005/01/19 The deep structure of code
2005/01/18 Building stuff on top of stuff
2005/01/16 The audio digital darkroom
2005/01/14 Linky in action
2005/01/13 VM-enabled polycore computing
2005/01/11 MP3 ins and outs
2005/01/10 Zend Platform
2005/01/10 Open source documentation
2005/01/07 Towards healthy software
2005/01/06 Transparent feedreading
2005/01/06 Year of the enterprise Wiki
2005/01/05 Podcasting's transcription dilemma
2005/01/04 Screencast guidelines
2005/01/03 Unsung heroes of open source
2004/12/31 Battling the antibodies
2004/12/27 Open source audio
2004/12/22 Management by objects
2004/12/21 Michael Terner and Richard Treadway: KnowNow
2004/12/20 Ron Owens: Intervoice
2004/12/17 The network is the blog
2004/12/16 Oded Noy: PATH Application Manager
2004/12/15 In Google we trust?
2004/12/14 Libraries and the Internet
2004/12/13 The present and future value of Python
2004/12/10 Mobile webcasting with Darwin Streaming Server and Helix
2004/12/09 CalDAV
2004/12/08 Mozilla Calendar
2004/12/07 Digital identity, the semantic web, and Internet governance
2004/12/06 Economics of health care IT
2004/12/03 On-demand apps demand a richer browser
2004/12/02 Tales from the data entry trenches
2004/12/01 The CAPTCHA game
2004/11/30 Open document formats, revisited
2004/11/29 Whatever happened to SVG?
2004/11/24 New York Times reveals identity of Amtrak Julie
2004/11/23 Podcasting mechanics
2004/11/22 Software factories: a conversation with Ward Cunningham and Jack Greenfield
2004/11/19 RESTful Flash plus Flex history
2004/11/18 Speech recognition circa 2004
2004/11/17 Name that genre: screencast
2004/11/16 RESTful Flash
2004/11/15 Name that genre
2004/11/12 Making movies of software
2004/11/11 Tweaking the tiger's tail
2004/11/10 Lighthammer Software's composite application toolkit
2004/11/09 Can rich Internet apps be web-friendly?
2004/11/08 Cornucopia of the commons
2004/11/04 Dragon NaturallySpeaking
2004/11/03 Electoral ebb and flow
2004/11/02 Introduction to MSH
2004/11/01 New directions in source code analysis
2004/10/29 The myth of the One True Device
2004/10/27 Halfbrain's DNA
2004/10/26 Under Gmail's hood
2004/10/25 Malcolm Gladwell on the instability of preference
2004/10/22 Who owns subscription data?
2004/10/21 iPod vs. MuVo
2004/10/19 The Wiki way
2004/10/18 Pervasive intermediation
2004/10/15 Firefox history in Google Desktop Search
2004/10/14 Hypermedia and personal productivity
2004/10/13 XML play-doh
2004/10/12 Securing Windows
2004/10/11 JotSpot demo, take two
2004/10/08 Generalizing E4X
2004/10/06 JotSpot demo
2004/10/05 Computer telephony: why wait?
2004/10/05 Page-addressable PDF
2004/10/04 The energy web
2004/09/30 Windows Update confusion
2004/09/29 Introduction to E4X
2004/09/28 Making old technologies new
2004/09/27 Canonical URLs and network effects
2004/09/23 Amazon/Google/WorldCat
2004/09/22 Open source opportunity, open source risk
2004/09/21 From access control to accountability
2004/09/20 LibraryLookup update: TLC
2004/09/17 PC versus PC
2004/09/16 Medbloggers
2004/09/15 VoIP Interop: built-in or bolt-on?
2004/09/14 Doing the impossible
2004/09/13 Deep linking: firewalls versus contracts
2004/09/09 Next-generation infoware
2004/09/08 Hotel security priorities
2004/09/07 Nic Wolff's single-signon bookmarklet
2004/09/07 MP3 sound bites
2004/09/06 The TiVo Olympics
2004/09/04 Across the great divide
2004/09/02 Meta-mail
2004/08/31 Why we owe Troutgirl our thanks
2004/08/30 Collaborative knowledge gardening
2004/08/19 The scalability myth
2004/08/18 A frustrated consumer of media
2004/08/17 The architecture of participation
2004/08/16 Information routing
2004/08/13 Pub/sub, tags, and human filters
2004/08/12 Sound bites
2004/08/09 A strategic vision for dynamic languages
2004/08/09 Tragedy of the network commons
2004/08/05 Prime-time Hypermedia
2004/08/04 Michael Tiemann on the future of Fedora
2004/08/03 The Gorge of Eternal Peril
2004/07/29 Controlling agent societies with Ruby: Rich Kilmer and Dana Moore
2004/07/28 IronPython released, Hugunin to join Microsoft
2004/07/27 Linky
2004/07/27 Federating identity
2004/07/25 Bloglines
2004/07/22 LibraryLookup: Aleph
2004/07/21 HailStorm training wheels
2004/07/20 Longhorn follow-up: Quentin Clark interview
2004/07/17 Feedster/Bloglines citation bookmarklets
2004/07/17 Edwin Khodabakchian interview
2004/07/16 Feedster reloaded
2004/07/15 Network access for guests
2004/07/14 Upcoming events: July 2004
2004/07/13 HailStorm [CQ]
2004/07/12 Web standards on the move
2004/07/08 Topic: identity. Author: anonymous.
2004/07/07 WHATWG
2004/07/06 Java and Sun's operating systems: better together?
2004/07/03 Diego Doval
2004/07/02 Note to MSDN: Make friends with the Lazy Web
2004/06/30 Space, time, and data
2004/06/29 It's not the J in Java Virtual Machine that matters, it's the VM
2004/06/25 Open source and the advancement of automated code analysis
2004/06/24 OS X Keychain and Win XP Credential Manager
2004/06/22 The Google PC
2004/06/22 Outages
2004/06/17 Open document formats
2004/06/15 When a journalist blogs
2004/06/15 Thin client, rich data
2004/06/14 Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
2004/06/11 Sean McCown, Michael Rys, and conversational journalism
2004/06/09 Questions about Longhorn, part 3: Avalon's enterprise mission
2004/06/08 Open source and visible source
2004/06/07 Questions about Longhorn, part 2: WinFS and semantics
2004/06/06 Watching people use software
2004/06/04 Optical illusions
2004/06/04 ISBN Y2K+5
2004/06/03 Broadcatching: the RSS-ification of television news
2004/06/02 Questions about Longhorn, part 1: WinFS
2004/06/01 Five guys talking
2004/05/27 The artful logger
2004/05/26 The future of conferences
2004/05/25 Threat modeling
2004/05/24 The challenge of partial trust
2004/05/21 Patterns, Wikis, and APIs
2004/05/20 Paul Goldberger vs. Keith Pleas
2004/05/19 DomainKeys
2004/05/18 Random access to Web audio
2004/05/18 Pushmepullyou
2004/05/17 Personas and plogs
2004/05/13 Link-addressable streams, revisited
2004/05/11 The whole picture
2004/05/11 Xythos Intellittach
2004/05/11 Trademarks, acronyms, and Orwell
2004/05/10 XBRL follow-up
2004/05/10 A sea of snapshots, a heterogenous world of transforms
2004/05/07 UPnP, Web services, and Rendezvous
2004/05/06 New voices
2004/05/06 Adobe Designer 6.0 preview
2004/05/05 Attack of the killer accountants
2004/05/04 Groove, four years later
2004/04/30 XML databases move to the middle
2004/04/28 Jack of all trades, master of none
2004/04/27 i18n again
2004/04/27 Weinberger's rant
2004/04/27 Radical software customization
2004/04/26 13th century standards
2004/04/22 Active résumés
2004/04/21 Ending email forgery
2004/04/20 Middleware dark matter
2004/04/20 Betty Dylan
2004/04/19 Proxy power
2004/04/18 Always-on identification
2004/04/16 The participant/narrator: owning the role
2004/04/16 SafariBox
2004/04/15 Donkey adoptions
2004/04/14 Networks of shared experience
2004/04/13 Technorati trackbacks
2004/04/12 In praise of margins
2004/04/08 What website is Aunt Tillie really on?
2004/04/07 Software cinéma vérité
2004/04/06 Customer demand for a ubiquitous InfoPath runtime
2004/04/06 RSS and TiVo
2004/04/04 Introducing Aunt Tillie to RSS
2004/04/03 Should GMail be exhibited in the Museum of Jurassic Technology?
2004/04/02 An example of helpful guidance
2004/04/01 Meta-marketing
2004/03/31 Macromedia Flex
2004/03/30 Blogs + playlists = collaborative listening
2004/03/30 Human interface guidelines for the Internet
2004/03/29 The social enterprise
2004/03/29 Outsourcing anecdotes come in different flavors
2004/03/26 Refrigerator magnet mystery: solved
2004/03/25 The refrigerator magnet mystery
2004/03/24 The Firefox opportunity
2004/03/23 How to forge an S/MIME signature
2004/03/23 Let your customers sell your software
2004/03/22 Blog/print synergy: my strategies
2004/03/22 More on OS X certs
2004/03/19 Making email identity work
2004/03/18 REST for the rest of us
2004/03/17 Standards versus conventions
2004/03/15 The media-player fireswamp
2004/03/13 A nation of polarized readers
2004/03/12 Automated security scanning with Google
2004/03/11 More Firefox search plugins
2004/03/10 Secure use of private keys in OS X Mail and Outlook
2004/03/09 Beyond knowledge?
2004/03/08 The accident of geography
2004/03/06 Why no 'use strict' in Python? Answer: PyChecker
2004/03/05 Why no 'use strict' in Python?
2004/03/05 No-Touch Deployment versus ClickOnce
2004/03/04 Structured change detection
2004/03/04 Screen video tips
2004/03/03 Component builders and solution builders
2004/03/02 Aunt Tillie's OS X Adventure
2004/03/01 .NET report card
2004/02/26 The 1060 REST microkernel and XML app server
2004/02/23 WS-WorldPeace
2004/02/23 Lightweight XML search servers, part 2
2004/02/22 Different strokes
2004/02/21 Heads, decks, and leads: revisited
2004/02/20 Under the radar
2004/02/19 Using the Yahoo! search plugin in Mozilla
2004/02/18 Google News coverage of Yahoo! dumping Google
2004/02/18 LibraryLookup for Talis Prism
2004/02/18 Real world semantics
2004/02/17 Gender, personality, and social software
2004/02/15 It was forty years ago today
2004/02/13 OCLC refines its ISBN-clustering service
2004/02/11 Programs that write programs
2004/02/09 Multi-valued CSS class attributes
2004/02/06 Device independence
2004/02/06 Things that shouldn't have to be said
2004/02/06 Notes from an XQuery practitioner
2004/02/05 Experimental attributes
2004/02/03 Confession time
2004/02/02 Content-aware search
2004/02/02 Exonerated feeds
2004/02/01 RSS self-defense
2004/02/01 Paul Venezia's masterful Linux 2.6 review
2004/01/31 Analyzing blog content
2004/01/30 More fun with queries
2004/01/29 Structured search, phase two
2004/01/27 .NET status check
2004/01/26 Mindreef's SOAPscope 3.0
2004/01/26 The art and science of software testing
2004/01/26 Next-generation e-forms
2004/01/25 The forest and the trees
2004/01/23 Open source lock-in
2004/01/22 How dynamic categories work
2004/01/22 A penny for your ERP thoughts
2004/01/21 One-click subscription, continued: the lesser of two evils?
2004/01/19 XPath query tips
2004/01/19 What RSS users want: consistent one-click subscription
2004/01/18 More on screen videos and dynamic categories
2004/01/16 Spontaneous screen videos
2004/01/15 Dynamic categories
2004/01/14 Turning consumers into producers
2004/01/13 Moving pictures
2004/01/12 Don Box and Tennessee Williams
2004/01/10 Server-based XPath search
2004/01/08 Databases get a grip on XML
2004/01/07 Dynamic languages and enterprise apps
2004/01/06 The sigh heard round the world
2004/01/05 Pipelines and monads
2004/01/04 The Heisenberg uncertainty of social networks
2004/01/02 Hacking matter
2004/01/01 A tale of two cultures
2003/12/29 The wardriver and the cop
2003/12/25 The social life of XML
2003/12/22 XML for the rest of us
2003/12/19 Rich Persaud's AV clipping service
2003/12/17 Cygwin sshd
2003/12/16 The LinkedIn dilemma
2003/12/16 Sun's identity pitch
2003/12/15 Mining the intranet
2003/12/12 Mobile webcasting redux
2003/12/11 Gender and style
2003/12/10 Adam Bosworth on navigating the linked web of data
2003/12/10 Mike Champion on Web services reference architecture
2003/12/09 Dave Megginson's strange creations
2003/12/08 Giving back to open source
2003/12/08 Point/counterpoint: Web services for collaboration
2003/12/05 Searching along the path of least resistance
2003/12/04 Measuring web mindshare
2003/12/03 Putting services into buckets is a hopeless exercise
2003/12/03 DevPartner 7.1
2003/12/02 Web services and natural-born cyborgs
2003/12/01 Link-addressable streams
2003/11/25 Data models and network effects
2003/11/24 Preserving the Internet's neutral core
2003/11/22 A tale of two Cairos
2003/11/20 Working with Bayesian categorizers
2003/11/19 Marconi's magic box
2003/11/18 Lizard brain surgery
2003/11/16 Great books spam
2003/11/15 Notice to customers using e-mail filtering SPAM software
2003/11/13 Multi-ISBN LibraryLookup
2003/11/12 Dynamic documents revisited
2003/11/11 Skepticism, cynicism, optimism
2003/11/10 Mining message metadata
2003/11/06 Citation and influence: science versus the blogosphere
2003/11/05 Conserving the RESTful ecosystem
2003/11/04 Personal service-oriented architecture
2003/11/03 Windows types and universal types
2003/11/01 Dear Sonya
2003/10/31 Replace and defend
2003/10/30 The Forbes forum on dynamic mid-sized companies
2003/10/28 Avalon isn't about Web/GUI convergence
2003/10/28 Open source citizenship
2003/10/24 Clash of the titans: Amazon vs. Google
2003/10/23 Apple's Knowledge Navigator revisited
2003/10/21 Ben Bederman's DateLens
2003/10/21 Our own devices
2003/10/20 W3C vs. OASIS patent policies
2003/10/20 GUIs, linking, and interface experimentation
2003/10/11 Why Mozilla matters
2003/10/09 Interactive microcontent
2003/10/08 Video citation and blogging frustration
2003/10/07 Reuse pattens and antipatterns
2003/10/07 XML vocabularies: freedom and control
2003/10/06 Office 2003 perspectives
2003/10/06 If it's Tuesday, it must be 10AM
2003/10/02 Beyond linking: the challenge and opportunity of citation
2003/10/01 Happy birthday, Nigeria
2003/09/31 Adobe's trial balloon
2003/09/30 MailBucket: an email-to-RSS gateway
2003/09/30 The avocado-green fridge
2003/09/29 XPath everywhere
2003/09/29 Ace travel agents available
2003/09/28 Permissions on the edge
2003/09/27 Mechanical memory
2003/09/26 Monoculture on the Potomac
2003/09/25 More baseball lessons
2003/09/24 Loosely-coupled publishing
2003/09/23 iCal explorations
2003/09/23 Baseball lessons for software teams
2003/09/21 The calendar fiasco
2003/09/19 Kimbro's science experiment
2003/09/18 Language Instincts
2003/09/17 Weblogs, prior art, and virtual machines
2003/09/16 Kimbro Staken's REST/XPath blog
2003/09/15 Email's special power
2003/09/12 TCP 135 and the loss of end-to-end
2003/09/09 Apples to apples
2003/09/08 The security blame game
2003/09/04 Adobe Q and A
2003/09/03 Politically incorrect observations about Mac OS X and Windows
2003/08/30 Code reading and literary criticism
2003/08/30 In search of Office 2003 developers
2003/08/30 More pleasant surprises, please
2003/08/29 Well-formed writing and information routing
2003/08/29 RSS to replace email? Nah.
2003/08/28 Enjoying XPath search
2003/08/28 De-anonymizing with Google
2003/08/27 Closing the loop on XHTML blog content
2003/08/26 Exploration and discovery
2003/08/25 Bootstrapping location-based services
2003/08/25 Dynamic languages and virtual machines
2003/08/22 Chris Brumme's blog
2003/08/21 Acrobat and InfoPath
2003/08/21 Too close for comfort
2003/08/12 Ratholes and training wheels
2003/08/11 Symbol grounding and extensible aggregators
2003/08/09 Namespace training wheels
2003/08/08 An RSS/RDF epiphany
2003/08/07 Tank, I need a pilot program for a B-212 helicopter
2003/08/07 SpamBayes now accepting donations
2003/08/06 Chicken and egg
2003/08/06 A killer app for RSS
2003/08/05 Using RSS 2.0 and RDF together
2003/08/04 Test-driven development
2003/08/04 Revisiting Zope
2003/08/01 Exploring Ultraseek
2003/08/01 updates
2003/08/01 iChat AV, iSight, and FlashCom
2003/07/30 Zora's list
2003/07/30 The marriage of SQL and XML
2003/07/29 More Zope tips
2003/07/29 2003 InfoWorld awards for innovative tech projects
2003/07/27 GAIA and the services fabric
2003/07/25 RSS top-level namespace
2003/07/24 Zope tips
2003/07/21 OS X sendmail enabler
2003/07/20 Canning spam
2003/07/20 Aspects revisited
2003/07/18 An announcement about RSS
2003/07/17 Who would need a telephone?
2003/07/16 Publishing, permanence, and transparency
2003/07/16 The Mozilla Foundation
2003/07/15 Test-driven development
2003/07/14 Test Center programming survey
2003/07/14 Core and periphery
2003/07/14 The document is the database
2003/07/11 SpamBayes update
2003/07/11 The starship and the canoe
2003/07/11 ACM Queue
2003/07/10 Wrappers, injectors, and writing tools
2003/07/08 Voltage Security's identity-based encryption
2003/07/07 Tweedledum, Tweedledee, and active intermediaries
2003/07/05 The network song
2003/07/02 In search of XHTML guidance
2003/07/01 Specification and emergence
2003/06/29 Voices
2003/06/27 My conversation with Mr. Safe
2003/06/25 Fixing RSS's public-relations problem
2003/06/23 AT&T, CheckFree, and electronic bill presentment
2003/06/22 Engines, steering wheels, and open source
2003/06/21 The translucent veil
2003/06/20 Certifying email senders
2003/06/19 Rules engine/debugger as system service?
2003/06/18 SpamBayes/Outlook review
2003/06/18 Towards a unification of strengths
2003/06/17 Perils of the road less taken
2003/06/14 The universal client
2003/06/13 Mozilla search plugins
2003/06/13 Censored!
2003/06/12 Structured writing, structured search
2003/06/11 The WASTE affair
2003/06/10 In search of the JBoss Pet Store
2003/06/08 RSS reader stats re-analyzed
2003/06/08 RSS bugfixes and experiments
2003/06/07 Choosing your J2EE weapons
2003/06/07 Winning the browser peace
2003/06/05 Cross-platform, cross-browser XML apps
2003/06/04 User agents revisited
2003/06/03 Searchable slides
2003/06/02 Mozilla on the move
2003/06/02 Patterns of persistence
2003/06/01 OSCOM Wrapup
2003/05/29 Translucent databases revisited
2003/05/29 InfoWorld survey on enterprise security
2003/05/28 The business of RSS
2003/05/27 The Harry Tuttle award
2003/05/27 Upcoming talks
2003/05/23 APIs, protocols, and rogue plumbers
2003/05/22 Koha and the Library of Congress
2003/05/22 The new old man
2003/05/22 Googling for social security numbers
2003/05/21 Blogs, chaos, and neural nets
2003/05/20 Testing for Windows rot
2003/05/18 Experimental journalism
2003/05/17 Toggling between HTML and XML
2003/05/16 Tools for rules
2003/05/15 Applied social network analysis
2003/05/14 Indexing and searching Outlook email
2003/05/13 Google cache looker-upper
2003/05/12 Appropriate use of J2EE/EJB
2003/05/12 Interfaces and habits
2003/05/12 Bayesian vs. latent semantic analysis
2003/05/09 SpamBayes futures
2003/05/08 SpamBayes rocks
2003/05/07 MTU mysteries and regedit links
2003/05/06 Crazy like a fox
2003/05/05 Computer/telephone integration: Why don't we expect more?
2003/05/03 Enterprise buses and dirt roads
2003/05/02 Tablet vs tablet
2003/05/02 How not to contact me
2003/05/01 Revisiting the Virtual Press Room
2003/04/30 It's a magazine!
2003/04/29 Blogs and InfoWorld
2003/04/28 Don't segment desktop XML
2003/04/27 The global advantage
2003/04/22 Item 500
2003/04/18 Do the simplest thing that could possibly work
2003/04/17 RSS redirection and regex/Frontier/XSLT XML hacking
2003/04/16 RSS redirection, again
2003/04/16 The semantic blog
2003/04/14 How (and why) to include an xhtml:body in a Radio UserLand RSS feed
2003/04/11 High-tech PR in the age of blogs, part 3
2003/04/11 Do the simple things
2003/04/09 High-tech PR in the age of blogs, part 2
2003/04/08 Blogs, scopes, and human routers
2003/04/08 A conversation with MySQL's Mårten Mickos
2003/04/07 Two more LibraryLookup-compatible OPACS
2003/04/07 The public record
2003/04/07 Tim Bray's ongoing conversation with the world
2003/04/07 A conversation with Brian Behlendorf
2003/04/04 Web archaeology
2003/04/03 Sailing through the perfect storm
2003/04/02 Simon Pugh on identity management and Liberty Alliance
2003/04/01 Adam Bosworth paints the big picture
2003/03/31 Ian Foster at CTO Forum
2003/03/29 First look at InfoPath
2003/03/27 Publishing a project weblog
2003/03/26 Virtual machines
2003/03/25 OS X Hack #45: Speakable Web Services
2003/03/24 Degrees of freedom
2003/03/21 Environment, scripting, and behavior
2003/03/20 Choose your superpower
2003/03/19 Geography and collaboration
2003/03/19 Boats and deckchairs: a mystery solved
2003/03/18 Secrets of the XML gods
2003/03/17 Reactions to the Whither Mono? column
2003/03/17 Querying XML in databases
2003/03/15 The conversational enterprise
2003/03/13 Whither Mono?
2003/03/12 SQL and XPath
2003/03/12 Don't make me wait
2003/03/11 Web Services Switcher
2003/03/11 RSS Version Pi
2003/03/10 Chunking and scanning RSS feeds
2003/03/09 Writing for the Web
2003/03/09 PICA systems added to LibraryLookup
2003/03/07 Playing the Internet scales
2003/03/07 Inventing languages and monitoring queries
2003/03/06 The future of online community
2003/03/05 Think Spring
2003/03/04 Annoying habit #1
2003/03/03 Mainstreaming Zope
2003/03/03 LibraryLookup for DS Viewpoint
2003/03/01 Information trailblazing
2003/02/28 Tim Bray's weblog
2003/02/26 InfoPath and XForms
2003/02/25 Ari Pernick on HTTP kernelization in Windows Server 2003
2003/02/25 ENUM and the loss of practical obscurity
2003/02/25 Dancing with the devil
2003/02/24 Exploring Office 2003
2003/02/23 Phil Windley's InfoWorld debut
2003/02/21 10 things you need to know about XDocs
2003/02/21 The pedantic Web
2003/02/20 There's more than one way to read RSS
2003/02/20 Trendspotting
2003/02/20 Greg Reinacker's NewsGator
2003/02/20 Scott Guthrie opens a window on ASP.NET
2003/02/19 LibraryLookup update
2003/02/19 Pictures of Jean Paoli
2003/02/15 Groove 2.5
2003/02/14 The human face of Microsoft
2003/02/13 Refactoring the business
2003/02/12 Applied network theory
2003/02/11 Feeling Chad's pain
2003/02/10 James Gleick on spam
2003/02/09 Volume snapshot services
2003/02/07 New look
2003/02/07 Updating the CxO blogroll
2003/02/07 Shipping the prototype
2003/02/06 Markup and emergence, yin and yang
2003/02/05 Exploring Tim Knip's Radio/Groove interop tool
2003/02/05 Groove to Radio
2003/02/04 BuddySpace
2003/02/03 Towards open services
2003/02/03 Convergence of identity
2003/02/01 newsQuakes
2003/01/31 The architecture of data-rich public spaces
2003/01/30 Components and glue
2003/01/29 Let's make HTML/JavaScript suck less
2003/01/29 A Conversation with Graham Glass
2003/01/29 Technology of the Year: Open source
2003/01/29 Technology of the Year: Publish/Subscribe
2003/01/29 Technology of the Year: XML Web services
2003/01/28 Virtuoso, Mono, and the future of data management
2003/01/27 Ceci n'est pas une pipe
2003/01/25 Publish globally, script locally
2003/01/21 Phil Windley on government's proper role as an identity provider
2003/01/21 Perlish JavaScript
2003/01/20 L.M. Orchard commits filesystem sacrilege
2003/01/18 Politics and audioblogging
2003/01/17 Hiding versus revealing
2003/01/17 The name game
2003/01/16 Namespace completion and DOM support in Apple's Safari
2003/01/15 Information mapping
2003/01/14 Services and links
2003/01/13 The interactive intermediary
2003/01/11 A tale of two book sites
2003/01/10 Crossing the bridge of weak ties
2003/01/08 2003: The year of anti-spam?
2003/01/07 Where angels fear to tread
2003/01/06 Genus, species, and ISBN
2003/01/05 The disruptive Web
2003/01/05 Clifford Pickover's ESP test
2003/01/04 A conversation with Ray Ozzie
2003/01/03 GeoURL
2003/01/03 ISSNs and Z39.50
2003/01/02 First line trivia at AllConsuming.Net
2002/12/31 It's just freaking cool
2002/12/30 Scripting an interactive service intermediary
2002/12/29 When not to cooperate
2002/12/28 Tinkering with scripts and service lists
2002/12/23 A performance, expressed in text, data, and code
2002/12/21 Is it software?
2002/12/21 Build your own bookmarklet
2002/12/20 Craig Johnson on meaningful URLs
2002/12/20 Questions about use of Creative Commons licensing
2002/12/20 Nobody expects the spontaneous integration (part 2)
2002/12/19 LibraryLookup uses Creative Commons license
2002/12/18 The evolution of cooperation
2002/12/17 Nobody expects the spontaneous integration
2002/12/16 LibraryLookup project rolls along
2002/12/16 The power of voice
2002/12/16 LibraryLookup iPac edition and service discovery
2002/12/15 The power of ISBN
2002/12/15 A web of libraries
2002/12/14 LibraryLookup, Voyager edition
2002/12/14 Customizing our software worlds
2002/12/13 LibraryLookup considered harmful?
2002/12/12 Designing for recombinant growth
2002/12/11 LibraryLookup bookmarklets
2002/12/10 A library services experiment
2002/12/10 Scripting Groove Web Services
2002/12/09 Adventures in content management
2002/12/06 Script locally, publish globally
2002/12/05 Talk to the hand
2002/12/04 Appreciating Tom Yager
2002/12/03 All your documents are belong to Google
2002/12/03 Love Me Tender, Elvis Presley
2002/12/02 The voice of opportunity
2002/12/02 Modeling XML data
2002/12/02 Multimodal user interfaces
2002/11/30 Scale-free networks and mirror worlds
2002/11/29 Sherman, set the Wayback Machine to last week
2002/11/27 A disturbance in the force
2002/11/27 A nest of pirates
2002/11/27 Amazon and the local library
2002/11/25 Books and blogs
2002/11/25 Debugging SOAP
2002/11/25 IBM's autonomic umbrella
2002/11/21 Who do you trust?
2002/11/20 Whitelists, spam, and digital identity
2002/11/19 The RSS hotlist: quantity vs. quality
2002/11/18 XML for the rest of us
2002/11/15 David McCusker joins OSAF
2002/11/15 A conversation with Jean Paoli
2002/11/13 Delta gets it
2002/11/11 Microcontent
2002/11/08 Customers who bought this book also wear clean underwear
2002/11/08 The riddle of interface uniformity
2002/11/07 Putting the Web back into Web services
2002/11/06 All Consuming
2002/11/06 Managing unstructured data: the virtuous cycle
2002/11/05 Palladiumized routers?
2002/11/04 Web namespace design: de facto standards
2002/11/04 The RESTful SOAP meme
2002/11/03 Groove Web Services
2002/11/01 Macromedia's video blog experiment
2002/10/30 Julie, Tom, and modern love
2002/10/30 Talking to Julie
2002/10/29 The accountability matrix
2002/10/29 The Xopus in-browser XML editor
2002/10/28 Bellheads versus Netheads
2002/10/28 Connecting people to XML
2002/10/25 Engineering for practical obscurity
2002/10/24 My weekly column
2002/10/24 Rethinking the Java GUI
2002/10/24 Finessing PKI
2002/10/24 The publish/subscribe Internet
2002/10/24 The Web services grid
2002/10/24 Scripting Web services
2002/10/24 Managing data the XML way
2002/10/24 Back in the XML soup
2002/10/23 Internet telephony revisited
2002/10/23 Validating RSS
2002/10/23 Mac OS X culture mapping: stirring the melting pot
2002/10/22 Google and Weblogs: best hope for KM
2002/10/21 Mitch Kapor's open source PIM to use wxPython
2002/10/19 The enterprise Mac
2002/10/18 Open road, open spectrum
2002/10/17 Google News: Where's the context?
2002/10/16 Apple filesystem futures
2002/10/15 Silk purse, sow's ear
2002/10/15 Marc Barrot implements browser-based OPML transclusion
2002/10/14 The atomic, subatomic and galactic structure of things today
2002/10/14 Enterprise DRM
2002/10/14 The social benefits of digital identity
2002/10/13 Remind me why I need a public key
2002/10/12 Belated notes from Digital ID World
2002/10/08 Googling your email
2002/10/08 Reliable Web services
2002/10/07 Java, C#, Python, and Ruby
2002/10/07 Jon's InfoWorld feed
2002/10/07 John McDowall's blog
2002/10/07 Atomz Publish
2002/10/07 Web services, Jabber-style
2002/10/07 Web services applications
2002/10/07 XML-style PKI with XKMS
2002/10/07 Dueling Web services toolkits: Microsoft vs. IBM
2002/10/07 Overlooked best practices for security
2002/10/07 Web services security: a status report
2002/10/07 Closing the loop on hackers
2002/10/07 Putting people first for a change
2002/10/07 Peer Web services: the last mile
2002/10/07 The road to managed code
2002/10/07 Crossing the chasm
2002/10/07 Flash Communication Server MX
2002/10/07 XML alone won't cure Web security ills
2002/10/07 Getting Traction
2002/10/07 Orchestrate services
2002/10/07 Legacy assets meet SOAP
2002/10/07 Eclipse casts shadows
2002/10/07 Keynote's new Data Pulse service
2002/10/07 Connecting with Web services
2002/10/07 Hyperlinks matter
2002/10/07 Across the universe
2002/10/07 Getting into the Groove
2002/10/05 Utah's PKI experiment
2002/10/04 NetNewsWire Lite
2002/10/03 Spinning Google's knobs
2002/10/03 Open source release engineering: a higher standard
2002/10/02 The name game
2002/10/01 Emotional bandwidth
2002/09/30 Sherlock vs. Watson
2002/09/30 RSS namespaces and ISO 8601: airing out the laundry
2002/09/26 Internet clipboards
2002/09/25 RSS continuity, continued
2002/09/24 Channelroll bugfix, RSS continuity
2002/09/23 The analog hole
2002/09/23 Yahoo Finance RSS feeds
2002/09/23 Will Microsoft hop on the Cluetrain?
2002/09/21 The 39 steps
2002/09/20 XML scripting
2002/09/20 Sun's white-box Linux desktop
2002/09/19 What is integration?
2002/09/19 Google's Sergey Brin
2002/09/19 Storytelling, rich media, and web services
2002/09/17 InfoWorld Next-Generation Web Services II
2002/09/16 Application- and service-oriented architecture in Zope 3
2002/09/13 Another CTO blog: Omar Javaid's Mobilog
2002/09/12 Collaborative ER design with the Flash Communication Server
2002/09/11 Jeremy Allaire's blog
2002/09/11 Mastering the network form
2002/09/10 Namespaces in the Scripting News feed
2002/09/09 Transition in perspective
2002/09/09 Encoded content in RSS, and Sam Ruby's suggestions/corrections
2002/09/07 Experimenting with RSS 2.0
2002/09/06 Rael Dornfest reflects on the past, present, and future of RSS
2002/09/06 CxO bloggers
2002/09/05 The mission of RSS
2002/09/05 Tom Yager's blog debuts
2002/09/04 RSS olive branches
2002/09/03 XML plumbing not entirely a done deal
2002/08/30 A new approach to mobile groupware
2002/08/29 The blogging CxO
2002/08/28 Extremism is dead
2002/08/28 ACLs don't scale, accountability does
2002/08/27 Telling stories about web services security
2002/08/26 Reentry
2002/08/17 untitled
2002/08/16 Mr. Slippery
2002/08/14 "Sir, were there reasonable alternatives at the time?"
2002/08/14 Contacting me: High-tech PR in the age of blogs
2002/08/13 Blog migration, PageRank, and AuthorRank
2002/08/12 The desktop opportunity
2002/08/12 Feedback on deployment descriptors
2002/08/10 Radio deployment descriptors
2002/08/10 Putting people first
2002/08/09 Patterns of cooperation without vulnerability
2002/08/08 ActiveWords and namespace completion
2002/08/07 Stephen Dulaney: What is that screeching sound?
2002/08/07 Translucency and selective disclosure
2002/08/07 Server-side XSLT filtering
2002/08/06 Ray Ozzie: Why?
2002/08/06 Lawyers, bugs, and money
2002/08/06 New home for this blog
2002/08/05 The limits of transparency
2002/08/03 Ray Ozzie's blog
2002/08/03 Welcome to Lee Felsenstein
2002/08/03 The road to managed code
2002/08/03 Flash Communication Server MX
2002/08/03 More on translucent databases
2002/08/03 Changing Radio upstream locations: bug and workaround
2002/08/02 Homeland Insecurity
2002/07/30 RSS in the dog days of summer
2002/07/29 Google index synchronization
2002/07/29 MT-RefSearch, and client- vs server-side scripting
2002/07/27 What do you want to know today?
2002/07/26 Website change tracking
2002/07/26 Mud-wrestling with teenagers
2002/07/25 Owning your words
2002/07/24 Tim O'Reilly's role in Amazon's web services
2002/07/24 RCS low numbers
2002/07/23 Knowledge workers, information workers
2002/07/23 OASIS and WS-Security
2002/07/23 Flash Communication Server
2002/07/22 Main Street is a link exchange
2002/07/19 Traction and Radio
2002/07/19 Amazon's built-in XSLT service
2002/07/19 Translucent databases
2002/07/18 Forgotten software, space junk
2002/07/17 Triangulating on Word 11 XML editing
2002/07/17 untitled
2002/07/17 Amazon's RESTful experiment
2002/07/16 Peer-to-peer air travel
2002/07/14 John Patrick on digital IDs for spam control
2002/07/13 Word 11, XML, and the universal canvas
2002/07/11 XSH: A Perl viewing/editing shell for XML
2002/07/11 IBM's mainframe Linux hosting service
2002/07/10 Control your identity, or Microsoft and Intel will
2002/07/10 Web services orchestration
2002/07/08 Jeffrey P Shell thinking out loud about Zope
2002/07/08 Phil Windley's 12-point manifesto for public information officers
2002/07/08 DRM, active paper, and the future of publishing
2002/07/06 Microsoft, NNTP, and the mismanagement of knowledge management
2002/07/05 Disposable email addresses and credit card numbers
2002/07/03 Rich clients, web services, and web analytics
2002/07/02 Web services security and XML pixie dust
2002/07/01 Jon Schull on visualizing blogthreads
2002/07/01 Mozilla does CRL right
2002/06/28 Mozilla opens up Microsoft's closed Outlook PST format
2002/06/27 Transmeta gadgets and paradigm shift gear grinding
2002/06/27 Glue, Gaia, and the services grid
2002/06/25 Convergence: I'll take computer/phone over screen/paper
2002/06/25 XMethods uses SonicMQ for asynch version of XSpace
2002/06/25 Google, PageRank and k-logging
2002/06/25 Wireless in NYC
2002/06/21 ASP.NET without IIS
2002/06/19 Mark Pilgrim on titling for accessibility
2002/06/19 Loose coupling and data integrity
2002/06/18 Triangulating on k-logging for homeland security
2002/06/18 Steve Yost on ubiquitous collaboration tools
2002/06/18 Routine intertwingularity and manufactured serendipity
2002/06/18 Baby boom
2002/06/17 The GPS friendly fire incident: design versus training
2002/06/17 Traction Software's k-logging system
2002/06/17 Is web services orchestration a new class of problem?
2002/06/17 untitled
2002/06/17 Intertwingularity, strange loops, tangled hierarchies
2002/06/15 Work narration and wanker management
2002/06/15 Kimbro Staken: Sleepycat's embedded XML database
2002/06/14 Extreme design versus extreme programming
2002/06/13 untitled
2002/06/12 Blogging and homeland security: connecting the dots
2002/06/11 What if being non-communicative weren't an option?
2002/06/11 Matt Pope on the Groove experiment: reaching closure
2002/06/10 Radio supports XCOPY deployment
2002/06/10 Ruby (the language), TupleSpaces, REST, and Ruby (Sam)
2002/06/10 This phase of the Groove/weblog experiment is concluding
2002/06/10 Matt Mower on community formation in blogspace
2002/06/10 Managing identity in Groove public spaces
2002/06/09 A report from the Groove/weblog frontier
2002/06/06 Onramps, offramps, Groove, and blogs
2002/06/05 A Flash MX rich edit control
2002/06/05 Seeing and tuning social networks
2002/06/05 Matt Pope on collaborative flow between Groove and blogspace
2002/06/05 The fisheye lens effect in a Flash MX listbox
2002/06/04 Groovespace, blogspace, and Google: Q and A from Michael Herman
2002/06/04 untitled
2002/06/04 untitled
2002/06/04 Visualizing XML with Flash
2002/06/04 Bold neighbors
2002/06/03 Weblog neighborhoods
2002/06/03 untitled
2002/06/03 Auto-discovery of mySubscriptions.opml
2002/06/03 untitled
2002/06/03 RSS auto-discovery and meta-linking, continued
2002/06/03 RSS auto-discovery and meta-linking
2002/06/02 What's Next Conference in Brattleboro, Vermont
2002/06/02 Netscape Enterprise Server replaced on
2002/05/30 The web isn't Xanadu, but it's not too shabby either
2002/05/30 Social networking in Radiospace, follow-up
2002/05/29 Personal RSS aggregators, and a personal note about BYTE
2002/05/28 Social networking in Radiospace
2002/05/25 Zope Page Templates and DTML
2002/05/23 Postel's dictum applied to HTML in RSS
2002/05/23 Conversant and the art of the press release
2002/05/23 Zope Page Templates, triangulation, and shared blogspace
2002/05/23 What is an RSS description?
2002/05/22 Neurotypical brains have better things to do
2002/05/22 Personal RSS aggregators
2002/05/21 SOAP routing and HTTP transport
2002/05/20 Common XML: a quiet, stress-free park bench
2002/05/20 Basic and advanced RSS
2002/05/19 Extending RSS: first things first
2002/05/19 untitled
2002/05/19 The secret life of numbers
2002/05/19 Manhattan project for energy independence
2002/05/19 Hyperlinks (are supposed to) matter
2002/05/18 Managing credentials with Counterpane's Password Safe
2002/05/17 untitled
2002/05/17 untitled
2002/05/16 untitled
2002/05/16 Spectrum is a nonrivalrous resource
2002/05/16 Web services and the web ecosystem
2002/05/16 Rob Flickenger: Tapping the alpha geek noosphere with EtherPEG
2002/05/16 Sketching on napkins
2002/05/15 Security, immunology, and health
2002/05/15 Security, insurance, and hard realities
2002/05/15 Out with the old, in with the new
2002/05/14 PKI: no silver bullet, but not worthless either
2002/05/14 PKI and SSL: house of cards?
2002/05/14 Broad-spectrum natural language processing
2002/05/14 untitled
2002/05/13 untitled
2002/05/13 Tacit knowledge and software usability
2002/05/12 Stephen Downes' referral system
2002/05/10 untitled
2002/05/10 untitled
2002/05/10 Daylight ahead for RSS writers and readers
2002/05/09 jabberconf blaggplug
2002/05/09 Radio's RSS writer is now user-extensible
2002/05/09 Topic-sensitive PageRank
2002/05/08 What is standard Internet metadata?
2002/05/08 Archive retitler bugfix
2002/05/08 Two flavors of RSS channel
2002/05/07 A picture of weblogs
2002/05/07 RSS truncation shouldn't be an either/or choice
2002/05/07 If you look through a macroscope, what will you see?
2002/05/06 Google's bias is a temporary anomaly
2002/05/06 Direct SOAP calls from Flash MX
2002/05/06 How easy should web services be?
2002/05/06 Blogspace under the _Macroscope_
2002/05/06 Backlink display in Radio
2002/05/03 Blogspace under the microscope
2002/05/03 Security, finance, and risk management
2002/05/02 Linking to SOAP-exposed resources
2002/04/30 Valdis Krebs on knowledge networks
2002/04/30 Visualizing Googlespace
2002/04/29 The Google API is a two-way street
2002/04/29 .NET for the enterprise
2002/04/29 Macromedia's XML resource feed
2002/04/23 The practical benefits of literary forms
2002/04/19 The semantic web: it's whom you know
2002/04/19 Mark Shuttleworth's wild ride
2002/04/19 Steven Denning on organizational storytelling
2002/04/19 Radio, XML, and the semantic web
2002/04/19 Using XML appropriately
2002/04/18 untitled
2002/04/18 Eating the XML dogfood
2002/04/18 Jeffrey P Shell, Zope's lizard brain, and loosely-coupled messaging
2002/04/16 What is an application?
2002/04/15 Rewriting titles to optimize information flow
2002/04/15 OpenLink's Virtuoso is truly a universal server
2002/04/15 Groove 2 debuts
2002/04/15 Zope lessons learned
2002/04/11 Paul Holbrook improves RSS truncation
2002/04/11 untitled
2002/04/11 Shortening RSS descriptions to lead sentences
2002/04/09 SOAP security and external underwear
2002/04/08 The scannable blog
2002/04/08 myNetWatchman: neighborhood watch for the Internet
2002/04/05 Social capital, trust, and the purposes of online community
2002/04/05 Social capital, bonding, and bridging
2002/04/04 Wiki/weblog integration points
2002/04/02 Soft security, Wiki, blogging, IO
2002/04/02 Early adopter advisory: OPML data loss!
2002/04/02 Sun's Java versus open source Java
2002/04/01 Java, XML, and Web Services
2002/04/01 Early adopters reflect on .NET
2002/04/01 Working with XSLT
2002/04/01 Instant outlining
2002/04/01 Storytelling in the era of postliterate publishing
2002/04/01 XML::Simpler released to CPAN
2002/03/31 Teams that communicate with care
2002/03/30 Transclude/include
2002/03/30 Transclusion, Ted Nelson, and Xanadu
2002/03/30 Sjoerd Visscher's outline renderer / MS XSLT Server
2002/03/30 Group discussion and instant outlining
2002/03/29 Exploring transclusion
2002/03/28 Marc Barrot's outline renderer
2002/03/28 Productivity is the endgame
2002/03/27 Pipelining the Web
2002/03/24 Cross-platform coffee cups
2002/03/19 Bill Sietz on sending links-and-blurbs vs. sending whole items
2002/03/19 Blog locally, rewire globally
2002/03/18 Thinking by analogy
2002/03/18 Read about XQuery, then test-drive it
2002/03/18 An XSLT Tutorial
2002/03/16 Listing titled items on a storyList page
2002/03/16 Expanding inbound feeds, trimming outbound feeds
2002/03/15 Messages to spaces is publish/subscribe
2002/03/15 Bite-sized nuggets
2002/03/15 Extensibility and critical mass
2002/03/15 JavaScript, Perl, Python, .NET
2002/03/15 Writing in Mozilla
2002/03/14 Instant gratification
2002/03/14 Ask and ye shall receive: Hannes Wallnofer's Bloggenmoz
2002/03/13 Rekindled hope for Mozilla
2002/03/13 Marc got his channelroll working
2002/03/13 We are reaching critical mass
2002/03/13 Titles and contexts
2002/03/12 Oar pullers and sail inventors
2002/03/11 News-oriented versus blog-oriented RSS behaviors
2002/03/11 Titled items added to Radio!
2002/03/10 Ways of paying attention
2002/03/10 untitled
2002/03/10 untitled
2002/03/10 Limited monopoly and the solo inventor
2002/03/10 Bootstrapping the knowledge network
2002/03/08 Heads, decks, and leads
2002/03/08 untitled
2002/03/08 untitled
2002/03/08 untitled
2002/03/08 RSS, supernodes, and Gladwellian Connectors
2002/03/08 untitled
2002/03/07 untitled
2002/03/07 untitled
2002/03/07 untitled
2002/03/06 Aspect oriented programming
2002/03/06 Are we ready to address messages to spaces?
2002/03/05 The sanctity of sources
2002/03/05 untitled
2002/03/05 Cultural evolution and K-logs
2002/03/05 untitled
2002/03/04 Reading books online
2002/03/04 Hashtables, structs, XML-RPC, and SOAP
2002/03/04 Using people as filters
2002/03/04 Sam's encounter with manufactured serendipity
2002/03/04 untitled
2002/03/04 untitled
2002/03/03 The RSS stock exchange
2002/03/03 Pipelining XML
2002/03/03 Why titles matter
2002/02/25 untitled
2002/02/25 Converging on truth
2002/02/25 Simon Fell on reliable SOAP messaging
2002/02/25 Simon Fell on SOAP-RP and WS-Routing
2002/02/25 WS-Routing and Rohit Khare's active proxies
2002/02/24 Paul Prescod on REST and RPC
2002/02/24 untitled
2002/02/24 Sam Ruby meditates on type metadata
2002/02/24 untitled
2002/02/24 Introducing the channelroll
2002/02/21 untitled
2002/02/21 Fergus Henderson on the CLR and "skinnable languages"
2002/02/21 untitled
2002/02/21 Paul Graham on intimidation, opportunity, and Lisp
2002/02/20 Jon, Nish, and the accident of geography
2002/02/19 Peter Drayton on Ars Technica on .NET
2002/02/19 untitled
2002/02/19 untitled
2002/02/19 untitled
2002/02/19 Xanadu here we come
2002/02/19 untitled
2002/02/19 Walking the SOAP/WSDL fault line
2002/02/15 untitled
2002/02/15 untitled
2002/02/15 untitled
2002/02/14 untitled
2002/02/14 untitled
2002/02/14 David Brin: The naked truth about privacy
2002/02/14 untitled
2002/02/14 untitled
2002/02/14 untitled
2002/02/12 untitled
2002/02/12 untitled
2002/02/12 Adam Bosworth: Toward an XML programming language
2002/02/12 Monetizing web services
2002/02/11 Group-forming networks
2002/02/07 untitled
2002/02/07 untitled
2002/02/07 Quick and dirty topic mapping
2002/02/07 Michael Kinsley: Globolog, the international language of self-regard
2002/02/07 Hives, swarming, scale, and connectedness
2002/02/04 Mr. Beller's neighborhood
2002/02/03 untitled
2002/02/03 untitled
2002/02/02 untitled
2002/02/02 untitled
2002/02/02 untitled
2002/01/31 untitled
2002/01/31 The uses of indirect discussion
2002/01/31 untitled
2002/01/31 untitled
2002/01/24 untitled
2002/01/24 untitled
2002/01/24 untitled
2002/01/23 untitled
2002/01/23 Messages addressed to spaces
2002/01/23 untitled
2002/01/22 untitled
2002/01/22 untitled
2002/01/22 untitled
2002/01/22 untitled
2002/01/22 untitled
2002/01/21 untitled
2002/01/21 untitled
2002/01/21 untitled
2002/01/21 untitled
2002/01/21 untitled
2002/01/20 untitled
2002/01/20 untitled
2002/01/20 untitled
2002/01/20 untitled
2002/01/19 untitled
2002/01/19 untitled
2002/01/19 untitled
2002/01/18 untitled
2002/01/18 untitled
2002/01/18 untitled
2002/01/18 untitled
2002/01/18 untitled
2002/01/18 untitled
2002/01/16 untitled
2002/01/16 untitled
2002/01/16 untitled
2002/01/16 untitled
2002/01/16 untitled
2002/01/16 untitled